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Precision Plasma LLC. is dedicated to producing high quality, low cost cnc gantry kits to make
building a cnc plasma table affordable for the hobbyist, artist, and small business owner. We only sell
the mechanics of a system and recommend purchasing the electronic package from We
only provide support for the mechanics of a system since provides support for the
electronics. This allows the customer to receive support from the actual designer and manufacturer of
the products.
Precision Plasma LLC sells within the USA only. No International sales.
Call Ron @ 763-234-5677
Building a DIY table will save you thousands of dollars. Here are the suggested steps.
1. Choose size and model of
table that you wish to build.
2. Purchase Bladerunner AIO
electronics/ motor package
from candcnc. You should call
them to discuss the
components needed to connect
to your plasma cutter.
3. Load the software and bench
test your AIO.
4. Purchase a Precision Plasma
LLC DIY Table or Gantry kit.
5. Build table and install the
electronics / motor package.
6. Tune motors with settings
from Precision Plasma LLC
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Bladerunner 620-4
Featured Product......15"X15" Benchtop Router......$1495
Buy American
Precision Plasma LLC manufactures and sells cnc gantry kits for the US market
Heavy Duty Do-it-yourself gantry kit
Assemble it yourself and save